President’s Remarks

Greetings Amistad Family!

It is my privilege to serve as the President of this amazing bar association for the 2019 year. I was first introduced to this organization in the summer of 2014, as a means to connect with other attorneys who lived and worked in Long Island. Despite the hot weather and late hour, members still attended the meeting, and contributed their thoughts and ideas in pushing Amistad forward throughout the communities. During that meeting, I said to myself that I wanted to be part of this organization.

Just five years later, I now have the honor of leading this organization as its President. As I stated at my induction, in every place that I find myself, I find value in joining and participating in organizations for people of color. The ability to be in a space with other attorneys who can provide advice and support is an opportunity that cannot be beat.

My goal as president is to strengthen the ties between black law school students and practicing attorneys and judges on Long Island through innovative programming. I also hope to host programs that are geared to the growth of attorneys, both personally and professional. Lastly, my biggest hope is that we cultivate younger attorneys to become more active within the organization.

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