Holiday Brunch



The Brunch provided an opportunity to acknowledge those who have worked so hard to get Amistad to where it is today, while describing the new paths to be paved for tomorrow. President J. Stewart Moore said a few words, and outlined his hopes for Amistad for 2017. He hopes to continue to build upon the work that Amistad started with respect to the Nassau and Suffolk District Attorney’s offices, saying “we will continue to identify issues and work collectively to achieve better ends.” He also went on to acknowledge the hard work the Amistad Executive Board conducts, noting that “working for the Amistad board is not for the faint at heart; we are smart people with strong personalities.”

The immediate Former Past President Maxine Broderick was honored at the Brunch and also said a few words, ending her speech with “I’m not going anywhere.” Tiffany Malcolm was also honored for her work as Recording Secretary for 2015-2016.

Cherice Vanderhall is now the current Executive Director, and in so accepting her new position mentioned that “You eat, sleep and breath Amistad.”

Lastly, former past president Kevin Satterfield spoke on a few of the initiatives Amistad has been working on in Suffolk County, namely a CLE on implicit bias to be conducted for the Suffolk County District Attorney, judges and public defender offices and a push for more African American ADAs.

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